viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

03 - Drum 'n' Glass

Drum 'n' Glass, track three of the EHA's album, combines sound design, concrete music and twelve-tone serialism as well.

Several samples of liquid flowing and broken glasses are often used, manipulated with many audio signal processing techniques. Other complex textures are created using audio samples of common objects as a radio, white and pink noises, etc.

All pitches and melodies (except for the bass fundamentals) were built using a 12 tone row with some of the many variations proposed by Schoenberg's twelve-tone technique.

Arnold Schoenberg

 Drum 'n' Glass was originally composed for Bleu Dance Studio and recorded in a forthcoming videoclip

Listen to Drum 'n' Glass

. 03 - Drum 'n' Glass by eventhorizonaudio

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