viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

01. Lambda - Fractal Music

01. Lambda - Fractal Music

The first track in the EHA's album, "Lambda" was created using techniques related to Algorithmic composition, using specialized software in order to create a series of symbols, replicated with the self-similarity property of the lambda fractal, and later translated into different kinds of timbers made by sound synthesis.

Lambda Fractal

This piece was originally created for the International Architecture Workshop "Hipófisis Digital 2011", that will take place in November at the Pontifical Xaverian University (Bogotá, Colombia), "Lambda" will be the sonic complement for a parametric sculpture built based on the lambda fractal form.

More about Algorithmic Composition:
Algorithmic Musical Composition
Hanna Järveläine
Helsinki University of Technology

More about "Hipófisis 2011" (Spanish Only)
Hipófisis Digital 2011

Listen to "Lambda":

01 - Lambda by eventhorizonaudio

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